Management Team

The Management Team is responsible for the overall operations on a day-to-day runs Paragraphs strategy and policies.

Director and Founder

Okta (Oka) Pringga Pakpahan

Oka founded Paragraphs publishing with the goal to accelerate the development of technology by making more options for publishing research information open to access. Oka obtained a Master in Agriculture from Hiroshima University and is currently final year of a PhD with EU funding. He is also a researcher on food microbiology at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang and was a Trainee in RIKEN RNA Systems Biochemistry Lab. Except for his expertise, he is passionate about Food resilience-sustainability and Deep learning framework.
Before building Paragraphs, Oka gained his scientific publishing knowledge during his internship, then join the UR Press the last position was a book editor section for Life Sciences while also several editors in scientific journals. This experience brings him to an understanding that research information is necessary for developing community and technology.

Head of Technology and co-Founder

Muhammad Ihsan Malda

Ihsan is responsible for technology development, improving the efficiency, solutions, strengthens, service capabilities, and bringing new features innovations into Paragraphs technology. He earned a Bachelor's and Master's of information technology in Malaysia at two different universities (Management & Science University) (University Utara Malaysia). He started his career as a software analyst and digital security consultant in several companies before started collaborating with academic scholarly infrastructure communities. Bringing his experience at Paragraphs, ihsan lead technology department working to build a sustainable digital infrastructure using effective and disruptive technology.

Head of Communications and Marketing

Wahyu Rizky Hismi Hayandra

Rizky leads team of Communications and Marketing engaged in disseminate Paragraphs vision. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communication science from University of Muhammadiyah Riau. Begining his career path in journalist before gradually moving into public relations development strategy. Before join Paragraphs, he spent couple years as project lead in several multinational energy corporation on development communitiy relations in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. In Paragraphs, he have responsible for communicate research output, and corporate mission. He directly involved linking Paragraphs with academia communitiy and governments patnership.

Head of Scientific and Publishing

Vitri Angraini Hardi

Vitri supervises the entire Paragraphs journal portfolio and she is directly engaged in publication ethics monitoring. She has a Bachelor’s English education from Riau Islamic University and Master’s from Padang State University both in Indonesia. Vitri is professional certified teacher spent several years as High school teacher in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, then she join to university of Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai as a researcher on foreign language learning. Alongside with professional career, vitri also have experience as managing editorial on non-profit research organization responsible for production section for academic journal. In Paragraphs, vitri frequently in charge overseeing mandatory traning for editors to improve etich awareness.


Ferhanni Hafshah Destari

Hanni, studied finance at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden, Germany. She is responsible Accounting, Budget Planning and Financial Administration. She have experience working in handling business development and cost efficiency planning for NGOs and moved to as an asistant logistic manager at the private retail industry of Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Before join paragraphs, several year she was appointed financial and partnership advisor for the overseas Indonesian students‘ association. Hanni joined paragraphs, in order to string up comprehensive financial system for support paragraphs efficient and transparency.


Meike Rachmana

Meike graduated from Faculty of Law in University of Indonesia and received her law master degree from George Washington University in Washington DC. She has experience as a consultant for more than 6 years in relation to Public Policy, International Law, and Business & Corporate related law. She also actively provides legal advice for various social projects in Indonesia.