Paragraphs is part of Media Publikasi Karya Riset Ilmiah an not for profit foundation. As a pioneering independent publisher, Paragraphs adopted Gold Open Access model of scientific peer-reviewed journals to serves and supports the global research community. We strive to develop empower the academic community with innovative solutions, supporting new discovery by publishing findings and easy accessible around the world. To achieve this goal, Paragraphs adopted an in-house technology platform a covers collaborative per-review platform, a digital editorial office, and article-level metrics. As well for increase visibility our journal for researchers, innovators, and the public our journals disseminate within diverse scope-specific databases. Furthermore, for ensuring long-term archival of all of Paragraphs publications are digitally preserved in CLOCKSS database.


Our goal is to develop the available open access on top-tier journals that aid the advancement and application of scientific research. This way, society will be able to generate more knowledge and accelerate innovation for society.